Thursday, 5 January 2012

The world endth here

Well a fantastic Christmas was followed by a truly awful New Year.
To top it off, was out riding on New years day and going OK apart from the weather being cold, got into Tatton Park just outside Knutsford (it was rammed full of rich people), BANG, back wheel locked, bike started going sidewards, just managed to hold it and stopped, unclipped, checked bike.

Snapped Chain, rear derailleur broken in 2, derailleur hanger sheared off, 2 spokes gone on wheel, wheel now bent.

A nice man cycling behind me, stopped and said "oh we can repair you chain", showed him the broken derailleur and hanger, "OK, we can make it single speed, so you can get home", showed him the bent wheel "Do you have someone who can pick you up?"

At which point it started the pour with rain, so I started shaking my fist towards the heaven's, as this is proved to make a difference.

An emergency phone call to get myself picked up.

In the cold light of a new day/week, the bike can be repaired, but as I have just spent £600 getting the car through an MOT, I don't have the cash to get the bike fixed just yet.
I can't miss a month worth of biking and still compete at the double.

I have had a long think and after throwing the toys out of pram and spitting my dummy out, I have decided that this year will have a re-focus.

Manchester Marathon on April 29th
Ironman Wales on September 16th

Providing they don't both sell out before I get the cash to enter.

On a slightly better note

No alcohol since New Years Eve
No snacks since New Years Eve
Got to weigh myself on Saturday and hope that I'm below 220 pounds

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