Friday, 13 January 2012

New Update

Training has been good this week

Friday 4miles run with Jo
Saturday 2800m swim
Sunday 11 mile run
Monday 6 miles with Jo
Tuesday Rest
Wednesday 9 mile run
Thursday Rest

Tonight will be standard 4 mile run with Jo
At the moment I'm taking 2 rests days a week, this is because I'm lazy, no, its just because at the moment no bike and my legs cant take running 5 times a week (its called getting old)

On the subject of the bike, I have got the new rear hanger, can't get it to fit onto the bike, taking the bike in tomorrow to see how much its going to be for the rest of the stuff and can they fit the new hanger.

Weigh in day tomorrow, day 13 of no alcohol and no snacking, hoping to a have shed a couple more pounds

On wards and up wards as always

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