Monday, 16 January 2012


Got up Saturday morning, weigh in day, 1 pound less for me to haul around everywhere

Put bike in car and drove to bike shop, problem, bike shop not there!!!!!!!!!!

Stood outside with frame under one arm and wheels under the other, when lady from Florist next door comes out and asks "are you looking for the bike shop?"
Wanted to come out with a really witty comment, but was in to much shock, bike shop closed and everything gone.

Had to change Saturday and Sunday training round as pool closed on Saturday for swimming gala, so did 13 mile run on Saturday, it was very cold, don't think I had eaten or drunk enough water throughout the day as when got back started to feel decidedly unwell, so reached for the drink of gods and had a coke as this has always helped before, big mistake, it was 02:30 before I got to sleep.

Did the swim on Sunday and then found out that the pool is closed next Saturday and Sunday for yet more galas, will have to find another pool.

So this morning took the bike into the shop near work £197 to get back on the road, hence the title of this post.

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