Saturday, 21 January 2012

Its the weekend

Still no missed sessions
Still no alcohol (more on this later)
3 pounds lost, I have just dipped under 15 stone, whoop, whoop

Pool closed Saturday and Sunday, damn swimming clubs, you would think they could find somewhere else to do it!!! So no swimming this weekend

Jordy our special son is going for 2 taster days at Petty Pool College Monday and Tuesday, so have booked these days off work, so hopefully can get a swim in one of these days.

As no swimming today got an extra rest day as bike still in shop getting repaired and get 4 hours with my gorgeous wife Jo and as I have planned a 15 mile run tomorrow, so keeping of the legs today, so I have a feeling that the first alcohol of the year might just get consumed today.

Onwards and upwards


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