Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Getting better

Well the cold went just in time for the Stockport 10, which is a race that custom decides who holds the "Hayter Cup" over Christmas and into the New Year.
Jo had held the cup since the race last year, this year I thought I had a sniff of getting it back.
What a race we had, I set off very quick trying to drop Jo, as she usually starts slowly and gets quicker, after one and a half mile I hear " I'm still here" Jo had matched my pace at the start of the race. Jo then started to edge in front, but I never let her get to far in front and we went through 4 miles in 09:15 min mileing. After 2 brutal climbs Jo seemed very determined and put in a hard dig to get rid of me, the gap grew but never more than 10 seconds. At 8 miles a steep downhill allowed me to catch Jo, who then seemed to get a second wind and run away from again, onto the last 2 climbs of race and I knew if I could still see Jo as we entered the park (1 mile left) then I stood a chance.
As we entered the park I was about 9 seconds down on Jo and feeling knackered, I gave every thing to catch her and just as we rounded the last corner before the track Jo looked back and saw me on her shoulder, she had a resigned look on her face when she saw me, which gave me the extra incentive to push on again. As we entered the track there was 250 metres to the finish and I put in a hard kick, at 120 metres I thought I was safe and had a quick glance behind only to see Jo trying to run me down, I kicked with everything I had down the finishing straight and crossed the lines seconds before Jo

The cup was mine again, but Jo had pushed me so hard that my time was 4 minutes better than last year.

Took a day off training after that.

Tuesday back on the turbo
Wednesday turbo and run
Thursday no training long, long day at work
Friday the snow came and stopped us going for a run
Saturday long swim, 150 lengths
Sunday 2 turbo sessions
Monday Snow cleared, so 1 hour run with Jo
Tuesday Turbo before work, currently considering the turbo tonight.

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