Wednesday, 22 February 2012

moving forward

The title should probably read moving forward, going sideways, backwards before going forwards again.
Its been a little while since my last post.
Snow came and stopped me running and riding, did 4k swim on Saturday and Sunday
On following Saturday very dry so got out for second ride this year, 27 miles in and chain decides to jump off cogs, with the result of me lying in the middle on the road, no broken bones but very sore and got bruises in places I just could understand getting bruises in.
Bike went back into shop again for looking at and straighting out of handlebars.
Birthday came and went, had a great day.
Jo not to happy, has got sciatic problems and can't run at the moment, so she is having to re tune her training, but Jo has just been able to get back on the bike, so lots of biking and swimming.
As I had 2 weeks with very little done with the weather and bike crash, got out on Sunday and ran 18 miles, backed this up with 6 miles the day after, so running going well and all set for Manchester Marathon and have found out my good friend Cake is also running.
Talking of Cake, its his stag night this weekend and I'm going but hopefully only for a few hours as need to kick on with training and just can't face getting drunk and staying away from home, plus really need to get out on the bike this weekend as the first event this year ( Jodrell Bank Cycle Sportive) is looming large on the horizon and haven't done anywhere near enough, but at least its a chance to catch up with a couple of pirate buddies that are doing it as well

Onwards and upwards as always

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