Friday, 21 September 2012

New challenges ahead

After all my previous Iron distance races I have always complete drained and needed an extended break from triathlon.
This time there is something different, I feel invigorated and can't wait to get back out there, so much so that tonight I will be doing 30 mins on the turbo followed by a run with Jo, so the question has to be whats the difference? why I am I not knackered this time?

I honesty don't know the answer but it is safe to say that I have trained so much harder for IM Wales than the previous events, maybe its because of this, maybe other factors.

So what to do for the next challenge

I have the local half marathon in 1 weeks time

We have the Stockport 10 (10 mile run race) early December

 We have the 4 Village Half marathon in late January

These are all designed to make sure I'm out there keeping fit but what about the bigger challenges?

Well, no final decision made yet but I do want to do a double IM and have a couple of friends competing next year so maybe, also I really want Jo to experience an official Ironman event and there has been some talk of a smack down between us at IMUK which would be fantastic, could I do both? that's a big ask, but what a year it would be!

In other news, after seeing some of the pictures from IM Wales one of them had me looking a little tubby, so I got on the scales this morning and had a bit of a shock 14 stone 11 pound and I have lost quite a bit with the training for IM Wales, so first job is to try and shed some of this excess weight so have joined Jo and a certain Andy Holgate (Iron Holgs) on their diets after the results these two have seen.

Thanks to all for the nice comments after my race report.

Onwards and upwards as always


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