Tuesday, 4 September 2012

2 updates in a week, I'm spoling you!

Don't know if I was pushing to hard last week, but my last long training ride came around and tried to move my backside out of the bed, epic fail, another hour cuddled up to Jo.
Eventually got out and felt tried, started off up the first big climb with the rain streaming down, as I climbed up to what felt like the heavens you get so high that the low cloud was making visibility very poor as I got higher it got worse, when it got down to 10 metres I thought I don't like this, to worried about cars not seeing me til to late, so sacked off the planned hilly 100 in favour of some different routes, so first 50 was around the leafy lanes of Cheshire and round Jodrell Bank

I never tire of riding past the radio telescope as I am filled with with awe every time I see it, maybe its the engineer in me, or the sci fi geek!

First 50 done and back home to get more fluid, then out again for the next 50, but this time throwing a few hills in for FUN!

I started to feel really tired and my backside was killing me, got to 90 miles and couldn't sit on the saddle any more and was also struggling to continue to turn the pedals, enough, put a fork in me; I'm done, made it home with 93.5 miles on the clock, completely drained and exhausted.
Not sure if its the training taking its toll or my nutrition was wrong, but its done and now we are into tapir, so last night the nearest I got to training was the first part of bike cleaning, front wheel stripped, cleaned and new fast racing tyre fitted.

2 wonderful rest days and then a easy 6 mile run on Wednesday planned.

The nervous excitement is rising!

Onwards and upwards as always.


PS: thanks to Scott Ragsdale for the message "MAKE IT HAPPEN" cheers Scott, I aim to.

PPS: I have to say Well Done to Sarah Storey, amazing performance to win 2 paralympic gold medals. Sarah is the patron of the swimming club Jordy goes to and I have had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to Sarah on numerous occasions. Her husband Barney Storey has also won a Gold and Silver medal, he is the seeing rider for a blind cyclist, well done both of you.

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