Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Consistency - Not

Saturday 17th March, pool closed again, so had an enjoyable couple of hours ride with Jo.

Sunday 20 mile run, legs felt heavy from ride day before, but started well, pace stayed OK till 16 miles when it started to drop slightly but carried on and completed my longest run (without walk breaks) for about 4 years.

Monday, Jordy was at bowling with his sports club so missed the recovery run.

Tuesday, major case of CBA (Couldn't be arsed!)

Wednesday and Thursday, manic at work and didn't get home til late, I know its a poor excuse, but its the best I've got, hangs head in shame.

Friday, back to it, 30 mins turbo 4 mile run (felt like a runner i.e. very quick)

Saturday 4K in the pool, really pleased as haven't been able to get to the pool for a few weeks and can still crack out a 4K, OK so it wasn't quick, but then my swimming isn't quick at the best of times.

Sunday had a bit of problem, alarm goes off 5 o'clock, downstairs to get breakfast, check work orders (every Sunday important orders come in and if I check them and if every things good, I know the rest of the day work won't call), big problem, no breakfast stuff, wake Jo, decides Jo will take the plum early morning training slot, while I go and get stuff for my breakfast (Jo has porridge, I hate the stuff) this left me with me starting my run just after midday, great hottest day of the year, felt like I was loosing a stone every mile in sweat, decided that a 20 miler in that heat would only cause me problems later in the week and I want to get a lot more consistency with my training so felt that 12 miles would be OK but tried to up the intensity level a bit and ran faster than I have for a good while clocking under 1.55 for 12 miles.

The calf guards I have bought are really starting to help, I get very little soreness the day after my long runs now, which is why after a fast 12 miles on Sunday, last night a good 6 miles and felt strong all the way.

Commute to work on the bike tomorrow.

I just have get some more consistent training in and I am really going to see some great improvements as I can feel myself getting better/fitter/faster/stronger.

I have my longest run in training for Manchester Marathon this weekend, a planned 22 miler and then I will start cutting back.

I also have 2 followers to my blog (at last), both pirates

Ironholgs - top bloke and great blog, that turned into a best selling book
ironholgs blog

Egoman - the most positive man I know, has an amazing can do attitude and has completed some crazy challenges, channel swim, 7 ironman in 7 days to name a couple and is now training for a jungle marathon
egomans blog

I know ironholgs quite well and have competed at several events with him but with egoman we have never meet (he lives in Dubai) but we swap emails encouraging each other and take an interest in what each other is doing.

So onwards and upwards to a more consistent week, a great weekend run.


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