Tuesday, 5 February 2013

So whats happening

Wow, how long has it been since I last updated, well to long.

So lots has been happening and also nothing has been happening.

Since my last update as you know Jo has an entry into Iornman Florida, flights and accommodation have booked and training has started.

I am getting out the door and doing stuff myself but have nothing planned for this year.

I have started "park run" and this happens every Saturday morning and is a timed 5K run, it will be good to track my improvements in speed other the year (hopefully)

I have gained 2 people who wish me to mentor them to Ironman (gulp, sounds like I may know what I'm doing).

We got a copy of Andy Holgate's new book.

And have finished reading it, here is my review.
Its crap, apart from all the bits with me in it, which are great!.

No seriously, its a great read, as is Andy's blog, he seems to have a way with his writing that really connects with the reader and the fact that we have all been through he things he has (well, apart the saddle falling off that is).
The fact that we as a family get several mentions and a note in the acknowledgements and with what he says about us is in fact quite humbling, it can be quite strange to see down in print what people think about you.

You may remember from last time that my weight loss was going at some pace, well that stopped for the Christmas holidays and I put quite bit back on <cough>, well its started to come off again and as of last weigh in I was at 13 stone 8 pounds which is only 2 pounds more than my lowest.

Just a quick note for people to check out Scott Ragsdale, this guy is trying the RAM (Race Across America) one of the hardest races in the world.
Scott's Blog

Onwards and upwards as always.


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