Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Not a race report

As the title says, not a race report, just my ramblings about the weekend

So way back in December last year when I ideally posted up on the forum about our DIY Half IM I fully expected it to be lost  very quickly and maybe just maybe 1 or 2 would venture over for it, well the response was amazing and very quickly we needed a list of who was interested, but then slowly one by one they all started to drop out so we seemed to be left with 4 on the Saturday and just me on the Sunday, but then about 2 weeks before hand more people joined up.
Got the Friday off work, and proceeded to drive round the bike and run courses putting up signs, Friday night weathers was heavy rain with high winds and then had to drive around again Saturday morning making sure the signs where still up and putting them the right way round.
Saturday morning, Razor and Horse turn up followed by Slagiatt and Slag’s mate Tony (they were doing it on Sunday but set off from Essex at 4/5 o’clock Saturday morning to get here early to help out on the Saturday, top blokes), next BBurn Plodder and then a text from Cake that he had gone straight to the leisure centre plus with Mrs SA that made 5
Showed then on Google Street view a couple of nasty left hand bends and then set off for the leisure centre.
Slagiatt and SMT kept watch over the bikes, while Jordy Razor and I went off to one of the left hand turns that really could do with a marshal on. Got a call from Slagiatt to confirm that the first 3 are on the bike. Waited at the marshal point for all 5 to come through and then went to the bike feed station. Really enjoyed the banter at the feed station (as well as the chips that my mum bought out to us) and gave everyone a big shout every time they went past, when Horse had done 9 laps, me and Jordy went home to get T2 ready and then counted everyone back in. I did try and DQ Mrs SA for riding over the dismount line can’t quite remember her comments back.
Back to the feed station so Slagiatt and SMT could go to T2, everyone looked far too happy on the run, think I’ll have to make the bike harder!
When everyone had had finished the run, Mrs SA did sausage butties for all, very nice, I really enjoyed supporting everyone and told Mrs SA that I would support tomorrow instead and she would have to do it again instead, can’t quite remember her comments back.
And so to Sunday
Doner Kebab turned up first, followed by Slagiatt and SMT after an eventful night in the hotel (told you, you have stopped at ours), then Bobby Nobby, Colourin and Colourin’s BF, and last to arrive Marshallini.
Pre race briefing as Saturday, then whizzed Mrs SA   and Jordy up to the pool, then back home to ride back to the pool with everyone else.
Got into the pool with DK, Slagiatt and Marshallini in the same lane, Marshallini I have to say is a genetic freak, I’m sure he has gills and fins as he seemed to be passing me every length.
I must have miss counted because DK and me are the same speed and neither of us passed each other but I got out 2 lengths before him, through the changing rooms, Marshallini having a full change and then out onto the bike, I could see Marshallini and Colourin’s BF in the distance and DK just behind me.
DK soon caught and passed me, I to noticed the Sun paper and the Macclesfield boobies.
I had completed 4 laps when Marshallini came flying past me, I did check his bike afterwards but couldn’t find the engine he must have had fitted to it.
Colourin caught me and we rode together for a lap or 2, then all of sudden I was on the last lap and heading for T2
Change of shoes and cap on and out on the run, strange but 4 of us set off on the run at the same, Colourin’s BF who ran very quickly, DK and Bobby Nobby, I was easily the slowest and settled into my plod. Managed a full 3 laps before I had to have a little walk break and did the last lap with DK for company, then through to the finish with a time of around 6 hours 20 mins which I am very happy with.
Big shout to Slagiatt who kept going for a finish, it would have been very easy to not do the last lap, well done fella.

Sausage Butties for everyone again.
So reflections on the weekend

I had one the most enjoyable weekends for a long long time.

Jordy had an absolute ball meeting so many new faces

How much did it cost me to put on?

I recon £10 should cover it (2 lots of sausage butties, 2 bottles of coke, tea, coffee etc) plus 2 days off work

I was asked by someone “why don’t you charge people for this”

Because that’s the whole idea about doing a DIY Half IM

Would I run it again?


What would I change?

The course stays as it is, but measure it; better signs especially on the run, more people to help out on the Sunday, Mrs SA, Jordy and my dad did it all.

Thanks to all who made it what it was.



  1. Hey SA - great to meet you and the family at the weekend. The Outlaw swim was far gentler than the 5k! Good luck for the rest of the season. Pugsley

  2. Cheers Pugsley

    They made the 3K swim 2 laps of the 1.5K instead of a full 3K lap as it was so choppy.