Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sucess or failure

Its down to me.

The Manchester Marathon Sunday 29th April 09:00

Did 8 miles on Sunday - hated it
Did 6 miles Monday - loved it

Hoping to get out for easy spin tonight for 1 hour
Rest on Wednesday
Thursday I have a race - The Mow Cop Killer mile, its only 1 mile but its 1 mile on a very steep hill, don't quite know why I agreed to do it so close to the marathon but there you go, have entered and a couple of people from work are doing it, will treat it as a fun event and not go mad, well until stood on start line that is.

Its time to nail my colours to the mast!

I have several goals for Sundays run

1. Run it all. This is the important one, the reason I'm doing it. I have done 4 marathons plus 2 marathons at the end of Ironman distance races and I have only managed to run the whole thing once, which was my second one, there are various reasons why I haven't been able to run them all. First marathon, didn't really know what I was doing and had done enough training. Second one ran it it all. Third one and my personal worst, had something to eat the night before that didn't agree with me and had a bad tummy, had to make 5 toilet stops on the way round, if I hadn't been running with Jo (her first marathon) I would have quit, I felt that bad. Fourth one, only had 4 weeks training. So running it all has become very important to me.

2. Time, I know if I manage point 1 then the time will follow, but I am looking/hoping for between 4 hours 15 mins and 4 hours 30 mins

3 As always enjoy it

The weather for Sunday doesn't look particularly good rain with strong winds but hey its the same for everyone.
Have got the Friday afternoon off work so can go and register then which will give me Saturday to relax and take some food on board.

Onwards and upwards as always, here's to a great race on Sunday!


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